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Fri Oct, 20

How to Dispose of a Sofa

When you decide to replace your old sofa, you’ll need to dispose of it properly. As a bulky waste item, your sofa can’t just be left for your weekly bin collection.

There are lots of different ways to dispose of a sofa. Which is the right choice for you? Find out how to get rid of a sofa in this article.


What to do with my old sofa

Most people don’t have a car or a van big enough to dispose of their own sofa, so you’re going to need some help.

You have a number of options available. The council offer a bulky waste collection service that means they can come and pick up the sofa, and it’s fairly cheap too. However, you have to then wait for potentially weeks for the sofa to be collected. You also need to leave it outdoors from 7am on the day of collection, which isn’t easy for everyone. And it should be sheltered too, otherwise, rainy weather can cause the sofa to get soaked, and councils will often refuse to pick up items that are sodden due to them being too heavy.

So, if you want to arrange a couch collection quickly and you want to be sure it’ll definitely go, then you should consider either an old sofa removal service or a skip hire – both of which we can offer.

It’s best to come to a reputable company such as TW Services for home rubbish clearance rather than a ‘man with a van’ – independent people you find on social media are usually unlicensed and could dump your rubbish anywhere. If they’re caught fly-tipping it’ll be you that has to pay a fine as well.

So instead, opt for our safe, convenient service. We’ll arrive on the arranged day ready to take your sofa for responsible disposal along with any other waste you want rid of. We’ll even help you load it.

Sofa recycling

Before considering couch recycling you could enquire with people you know to see if anyone would like to have the sofa themself or donate it to charity. If the sofa is in good condition it might be a cheap option for someone looking for furniture. If it is a sofa bed it could be a particularly useful addition to someone’s spare room.

Where to dispose of old sofas or used sofas?

Disposal of unwanted sofas can be tricky due to their size. Not many people can transport a sofa because it requires a larger vehicle. You may know how to dismantle a sofa for disposal but this can be time-consuming and just lead to more mess to clean up.

If you’re planning a big clear out alongside the sofa or couch and want more time, then instead book a skip with us. We’ll deliver the skip to your chosen safe place where you can keep it for a few days, loading it with your sofa and anything else you want to be removed from your home, at your convenience. Once it’s full, we’ll come and collect it for you. Simple.

Can I take my sofa to the tip?

If you’ve decided to throw away a sofa using a recycling centre you should call ahead to make sure they have the capacity to accept a large item.

Dumping old sofas on public or private property is illegal and could land you with a fine or worse, so even if you’ve booked an old settee collection be aware of where you’ve left your sofa and for how long beforehand.

Who can take my old sofa away?

The cheapest way to get rid of a sofa that you can’t move by yourself would be to arrange a bulky waste collection with the council. It’s also one of the least convenient ways to deal with old sofa removal since you’ll need to make sure it’s outside waiting on the right day, without it getting soaked – or you could end up losing your money if the council refuses to take it away. You could also be waiting a long time for an available pickup slot.

Your best option is sofa pickup through our home rubbish clearance or skip hire services. Both are similarly priced depending on how much you want to have disposed of, so it comes down to whether you want us to take away old sofas on the same day, or leave you a skip to fill at your own pace.

Sofa Disposal, Removal and Collection Near Me

If you need more help disposing of a sofa in Kent, why not send us a message?

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