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Wed Oct, 20

How to Dispose of Garden Waste

Whether your garden is a beautifully maintained paradise or a place for the kids to play, it’s likely that you have garden waste that you need to dispose of on occasion. Garden waste must be properly handled. So, how do you dispose of garden waste?

Garden waste

What is garden waste?

Simply, garden waste is any plant that once grew outdoors.

Your garden waste may include grass cuttings, hedge trimmings and weeds that you’ve pulled from your lawn. It may also include leaves that you’ve swept, twigs and branches, flowers and bark and wood shavings.

Not everything biodegradable counts as garden waste. Food items should not be in your garden waste bin, even if they’re things like old apple cores. You should also keep your garden waste bin completely free of soil and compost.

How to dispose of garden waste

If you’re clearing your garden, the likelihood is that you’re going to have lots of garden waste. It doesn’t make sense to keep topping up your garden waste bin and waiting for the next bin collection, as it’ll likely take months to get rid of everything. Taking it to the tip is an option but, with garden waste, you’re still probably going to need to make multiple trips. It’s not just a lot of work, but then you’ll have the nightmare job of cleaning your car once you’re done.

You can save time and effort by hiring a skip for garden waste. You can get a skip delivered to you where you can fill it at your own pace. You can keep working on the garden over a weekend or a few days, rather than having to do everything in advance and find somewhere to store the waste – just keep topping up the skip. Then, when you’ve filled it, it’ll be taken away and disposed of responsibly on your behalf.

Or if you aren’t sure whether you’ll need a whole skip, or you don’t have the space for one, we also offer Handy Bags. These are oversized bags that can still hold a lot of waste, but they’re smaller than a skip, so you don’t need a large driveway or easy access to your garden. They’re ideal for smaller clear outs.

Garden waste disposal prices

Properly disposing of garden waste doesn’t need to be expensive. A Handy Bag costs as little as £70 including drop-off and collection, while skips aren’t too much more – we’ve various skip sizes available depending on the size of your garden clear out and we can talk you through your options.

If your garden waste is already good to go and you’ve also got other household waste to dispose of, you might want to also consider our rubbish clearance service. Instead of leaving a bag or skip behind, here we’d just turn up as agreed with our vehicle and load your waste for immediate disposal. Prices are similar to skip hire, but it could be more convenient.

If you’re based in Kent and you’ve garden waste you need disposing of with a skip, a Handy Bag or just through our rubbish clearance service, why not send us a message?

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